God bless Iván F.

Kenyan runner Abel Mutai was only a few meters from the finish line, but got confused with the signs and stopped, thinking he had finished the race. A Spanish man, Ivan Fernandez, was right behind him and, realizing what was going on, started shouting to the Kenyan to keep running. Mutai did not know Spanish and did not understand.
Realizing what was going on, Fernandez pushed Mutai to victory. A reporter asked Ivan, “Why did you do this?” Ivan replied, “My dream is that one day we can have some sort of community life where we push ourselves and help each other win.” The reporter insisted “But why did you let the Kenyan win?” Ivan replied, “I didn’t let him win, he was going to win. The race was his.”
The reporter insisted and asked again, “But you could have won!” Ivan looked at him and replied: “But what would be the merit of my victory? What would be the honor of this medal? What would my Mother think of it?”

The values are transmitted from generation to generation. What values do we teach our children and how much do you inspire others to earn? Most of us take advantage of people’s weaknesses instead of helping to strengthen them.

Two year old girl mimicked Pastor Paul Enenche [Video]

Destiny Adakole is a 2year old, who enjoys watching #Dunamis TV more than her cartoon channels. “She gets all excited whenever she sees the senior Pastor of Dunamis Church(Pastor Paul Enenche) dancing, singing and praying. She tries to do the same in her own way (smile)” ~ Destiny’s Mom. (Mrs D. Adakole)

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche is a Nigerian Christian. He is the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center.

“The highest thing a man can do for God is praise. When you do for God what He cannot do for Himself (praise), He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself.” ~Pastor Paul Enenche.

Let’s pray for Hushpuppi that God should bypass all protocol and free him~~ Prophetess Rose Morgan Nkai

A Nigerian Prophetess, Rose Morgan Nkai (The Praying Machine) post on her Facebook timeline/page a message she received from God concerning Hushpuppi.

” I have a message for everyone in Nigeria. The Lord that said I should tell everyone to pray for Hushpuppi. He was supposed to be his (God) servant but he went the wrong way. If we all pray for him, he ( God) will bypass all protocol and free him and make him a great servant and make him turn from his evil ways.”

Raymond Abbas, better known as Hushpuppi (born Igbalodely on June 14) also called “Aja Puppi” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Malaysian-base-Nigerian philanthropist. Hushpuppi is best known for his luxurious lifestyle he lives both home and abroad. The young man has taste for good things as he is highly fashionable. He was arrested by Dubai Police on June 10, 2020. The 38-year-old was referred to the Dubai public prosecution. He was charged for “obtaining money from others through fraudulent means.” According to local media outlets, Hushpuppi net worth is around 20 million USD – which is quite impressive. These assumptions have been made based on the vehicles he owns (private jet, Rolls Royce, and expensive Range Rover car), as well as the other things he showed his fans on social media. Hushpuppi was latter extradited to the US. “If convicted of conspiracy to engage in money laundering, Abbas would face a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison,” US Department of Justice said in a statement on Friday.

Prophetess Rose wrote on.. “FREE HUSH – PUPPI God is about to use Him to Make Wonders you won’t understand. You may see him as a criminal but God ministered to me to announce to All Nigerians to pray for his freedom and he must surely be set free. Join me on this campaign.SET HUSH PUPPI FREE” She cried out.

Breaking: Ibadan business mogul Bode Akindele dies.

The Parakoyi of Ibadanland and the Chairman of Madandola Group, Chief Bode Akindele, is dead.

Akindele, who was a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, died in his Apapa, Lagos home on Monday at the age of 88 years, according to a reliable source.

Born on June 2,1932, his father, Pa Joshua Laniyan Akindele, was a Chief Tax Clerk for the entire defunct Western Region, a position that can be equated to that of the Chairman of the Inland Revenue today. His mother, Rabiatu Adedigba, was a wealthy Ibadan trader who was politically influential. Alhaja Rabiatu was the first woman to go to Mecca in Ibadan.

The Parakoyi of Ibadanland and the Chairman of Madandola Group, Chief Bode Akindele, is dead.

Akindele, who was a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, died in his Apapa, Lagos home on Monday at the age of 88 years, according to a reliable source.

Born on June 2,1932, his father, Pa Joshua Laniyan Akindele, was a Chief Tax Clerk for the entire defunct Western Region, a position that can be equated to that of the Chairman of the Inland Revenue today. His mother, Rabiatu Adedigba, was a wealthy Ibadan trader who was politically influential. Alhaja Rabiatu was the first woman to go to Mecca in Ibadan.

Chief Akindele’s business empire operates under the name Modandola Group Of Companies, named after his mother, which translates to ‘God, if you give me the wealth, give me a child that can take care of it.’ Madandola Group spans from maritime to properties, manufacturing, real estates, investments, finance and flour milling with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.
The Fairgate Group, (a company owned by Chief Akindele, located on Bond Street, London, England), deals mainly in properties. Some of its tenants include giant retail stores such as Sainsbury and Asda supermarkets. As at the last quantification, the Fairgate Group was said to be worth over £1billion.

Among the subsidiaries of the Madandola Group Standard Breweries, Ibadan, Diamond Foods Ltd, Ibadan, United Beverages Ltd, Ibadan, Associated Match Industry, Ibadan, merged with Ilorin, Port-Harcourt and Lagos to form a company with a large share of the Nigerian market and Standard Flour Mills in Lagos.

Source: The Nation

When it Became too Late to Apologize. (Bring back yesterday please)

It was raining heavily when I heard a knock at my door, I opened. standing before me was a young man with a bushy hair, dirty shoe, well soaked by the rain, looking too unkept for my liking.
Good morning, he greeted with humility , how may I help you? I replied in a displeasing manner.

Please sir kindly help me with your umbrella if you have any, my journey is still very far from here, I promise to return it tomorrow morning. I looked at him for a while, suddenly some thoughts came into my mind. Why would someone who’s already soak be asking for an umbrella, what if he doesn’t return it? I don’t trust you, but I will give you, I said. But make sure you return it tomorrow as you have promised.

I went in and got an old umbrella that i stopped using for months and gave to him. Thank you very much, he happily expressed and left. Next morning, a knock at my door, I came out and saw two handsome men dressed in a royal apparel. Good morning sirs, I humbly bowed in greetings, Good morning, they replied, here is a present for you from our prince, son of the Emperor. I don’t know any prince, i muttered. They brought out a well pakaged golden Box on the top of it they wrote, “thanks for yesterday” I said to them, sorry I can’t remember meeting or helping any prince yesterday, one of them brought out another present here is also yours from the prince, I excitedly unwrap the gift in their presence behold it was exactly my old dirty umbrella that I gave to the poor young man yesterday. I screamed in tears, I didn’t give him my best, I had the best umbrella, but i gave him the worst and ugly (I wept bitterly) the voice echoed so loud, IT IS TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE.

When I lifted up my face both men had disappeared. I asked my self, how has my services to God and humanity been? Ask yourself too…. Are you giving Him your best? or your Worst? Let this story be your mirror every day, look into your life again and again and Answer the above Question. As for me, I am Still asking God for Mercy.

If your case is like mine, Pls don’t skip this post without this Prayer in your heart HAVE MERCY ON ME GOD AND CHANGE MY MINDSET.

Teach yourself, Spouse, Children and Wards to show KINDNESS to strangers, many have entertained ANGELS unknowingly.

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL IN THE NAME OF “SAVING MY MARRIAGE” (The Price of Peace and Harmony in Every Marriage).

Many years ago I listened to a preacher share about how his wife would leave the television on at night and sleep off and they lived in a country where you pay based on how long you keep the TV on. Leaving the TV on therefore increases the television bill.

That attitude of his wife would annoy him and he was always angry at his wife for doing that yet it continued. It was obvious it was going to become a strain in the marriage.

Then one day while ruminating over this issue,I asked myself, “Is your marriage not worth fifty dollars extra at the end of the month? If this attitude of your wife will mean an extra bill of fifty dollars is it too much to pay for peace to be in your marriage?”

Unlike me, my wife is not a morning person. I can wake up by 2:00am, work till 5:00am, go back to bed and still get up by 6:00am and start my day. For my wife, I literally have to drag her out of bed in the morning. Her day begins only after she has had her bath.

In some homes, the wife is the one who goes to the kitchen to heat up water for the family to bathe. I guess it comes naturally with women. In my home, heaven help me if I wait for my wife to do that. I will wait for a long time. So I have resolved to make that my responsibility.

Even with the kids I will still have to be the one doing that in the morning because my wife is not a morning person. If that is the price I have to pay for peace to be in my home, it is worth it. We are talking about the price of peace.

One of my friends shared with me how his wife will never monitor the fuel gauge when driving. It is when the car finally stops that she realizes the car has run out of fuel. Guess who she will call? The husband. He will have to be the one to sort out the problem.

After several of such calls he had to find a way around it. He ensures the fuel tank is full at the beginning of the week which will take the wife through the week. That way he does not get any phone call that the car has stopped. It is the price of peace for him.

When I was working on this article I requested that people share some of the prices they have had to pay to maintain peace in their homes. I got a lot of responses that revealed that no marriage is perfect. The reason we see certain marriages as better than ours is because the parties in those marriages are ready to pay certain prices to maintain peace in their homes.

Let me share a few of the responses I got.

“In my home I just have to tolerate my husband’s attitude. He has this habit of talking over issues repeatedly. He can talk, talk and talk when a situation happens and will nag you till you fall over. So to allow peace what I do is try and keep my mouth shut. No argument, no talking back or simply walk away so that peace can reign.”
-Ajoke Mariam Osikoya

“I usually don’t turn off the lights in a room when I’m done using it. At the beginning of my marriage hubby will tell me to always make sure I do that when exiting the room, but after correcting me several times without change, he decided to just check back anytime I leave a room and will help turn the lights off. He just stopped complaining and started helping me do it. Eventually, I had to determine in myself to be more aware and I’ve gotten better doing that.
-Nicole McClark,

“My wife has a thing for matchsticks. After using one, she keeps it for ’emergency’. This act irritates me. No matter how long we discuss this (more than 9 years now) she still does. So I decided to dispose them and then I offer her a fresh one should an ’emergency’ arise.”
-Nnamdi Eze

“I don’t pressurize my husband to do or not to do anything, especially something he really wants to, or really doesn’t want to do. Putting pressure on him will only irritate him. I keep quiet and I pray instead. That way, I have peace and also get what I want. On the other hand, my husband will always hang the mosquito nets, switch off the lights and unplug my phones, because I always sleep off. He has stopped complaining. He will do the job instead.”
-Khadijat Al’hamdu

Those were just a few of the several responses I got about the price of peace that people are paying in their homes. A lot of other people were encouraged when they saw that they were not alone. You think you are the only one having an issue until you listen to others.

Sometimes we need to do things we don’t like for the sake of peace. If it is not too high a price then why not just do it and move on with our lives? Not every battle is worth fighting.

That is why it is important to be able to lead yourself because for these people whose reports we just read you find that either they or their spouses took responsibility for peace. That is part of what personal leadership is about.

I could have picked a fight with my wife for refusing to get up from the bed in the morning. Nnamdi could have picked a fight with his wife for that thing with the matchsticks. Nicole’s husband could have picked a fight with her for always forgetting to turn off the lights. But personal leadership helped us to take the other route thereby maintaining peace in our homes.

Now this does not mean you will never have to correct each other in the relationship or continually be in endurance mode throughout the marriage especially when it has to do with abuse. That is a completely different matter. You don’t endure abuse. But instead of fighting over why your spouse always presses the toothpaste tube from the middle, why not buy a second one so you have yours and he has his and both of you have peace? Has that not solved the problem?
Share your experience on the price you paid for peace in your home and let’s save a marriage.

By; Surv. Adeniyi Gbenga.

VICTORY OF A FALLEN HERO; A tribute to my late Father. WO2 NATHAN UMARU (Rtd) Who died on 22nd June, 2009

My Dad was a perfect example of “Bold as a Lion, gentle as a Dove“! He was brave, bold and kind hearted. Full of love and compassion. Great sense of humour. A man of peace. A man that fears God. ~~ Eni Greatnan

Baba, as you were fondly called by your children. You were a father with a caring and loving heart, you thought me how to plan and organise my life so that nothing would take me unawares. You helped me understood the ironies of life and vanities in it. You taught me the ways of the Lord, that true riches comes from God with ease. You believed in hard work and imbibed that character in me. Now I can stand on my own with little or no support from any mortal but God. Until death snatched you away, I realized that God has used you to make me the woman I am today. You were my pillar so strong. Even in death your teachings keeps me going! And with the help, mercies and grace of God I’m still standing tall! ~~Norah (Favour) N.

My Dad was a man of peace, love and sacrificial. He could give his last to anyone in need. He wished good for everyone, he had no enemies but lots of friends.
During my secondary school days, I recall how my father will always tell me that they are training young girls in NYSC Camp. He’d say, ” One day, you will surely wear that khaki!” ( Which I did).

Baba, it will take forever to mention all you are to me and my sisters. Your warm hugs had been the safest place for me when I got hit by the scorching ATBU sun. You encouraged me, prayed for me and supported me.
You always told me “Good name is better than riches”. That I will never forget. I knew it’s your way of telling me to hold onto integrity. That also had been my moto; “Never compromise”

My father believed in us, he knew that his children will be great, he knew they will go places. He taught us the ways of the Lord, he encouraged us to serve God. He trusted us so much that attending prayer Vigil was never a problem to him. He would wake me up at 10pm and say ” Kadi, ( my pet name) its time for your  night vigil, don’t be late”.

When someone you love becomes a memory and the memory becomes a treasure… Your thoughts are always with me father, and my heart still ache with pain and secret tears still flows, but I always console myself with John 11:25 where Jesus said to her “I am the resurrection and the life, those who believe in me will live even though they die”.
I will forever miss you my Hero. Keep resting Baba. Till we meet at the resurrection morning. ~~ Nancy N. Dogara

My Beloved Dad! You were such an amazing father. Loving, kind and tender hearted. Slow to anger and quick to forgive. I am the woman I am today because of you. You believed in your children and invested you last dime in their education. We your children are literally living your dreams. Yes! That beautiful future you pictured. And God is still not done with us yet. We are scaling greater heights and making exploits to the glory of God. This is the time I needed you most, to eat the fruit of your labour. To give me a thumbs up! (Up you)! as you used do (smiles). I learnt tolerant, love, compassion and forgiveness from you Baba. These great virtues I will never let go. I miss you so much my Father and I will always love you. Keep Resting at the feet of Jesus. Adieu Papa. ~~Dorcas N Adakole

A loving father, very kind hearted, peace loving in all, you were a good man! You fathered and raised 7 daughters and a son, oh! Man like my father!!! I miss you so much but as it is written…” it is appointed unto man to die once”….~~Abigail N Joel

A lot of little girls say their father is their hero. I was no exception. But my father wasn’t my hero because he bought me a pony (he didn’t), or because he helped me with my math homework (he did). My dad served in the military for 30-plus years, and has been deployed on countless missions to serve neighboring countries in need. He does this every day not for the paycheck but because he’s passionate about his work and about helping people.

I’ve only come to truly appreciate my father’s heroism as an adult. His hard work and patriotism solidified for me after I saw people my own age, and several years younger, deployed with him to Liberia. I knew my dad would look out for these boys in the desert, just as he always looked out for me.

Over the course of several months, these boys would become just as much his family as I am. He became their hero as well.

 Until you hear my dad read “Magana jari ce” or hear him sing “Stand up! Stand up for Jesus,” (his best hymn) you have not heard it right. Before he left for “Operations”, he would read chapters of poetry and fairy to us (my siblings and me), telling us all the lessons in them.

Thank you for making me want to make the world a better place and for, along with Mom, showing me a path to do so. Thank you for making sure that I have known I was loved every day of my life. I love you, Dad, and I’ll miss you more than I can say.~~ Elizabeth N Ibrahim

No, time doesn’t heal the pain. Trust me, on the day you went away, I cried hard that day. I miss you so much. I wished that we would have gone together. Who will call me “Faithu!” or ” Small woman” again? Yeah, they lied when they said give it time. You left me without saying goodbye. The pain only gets worse with time. Yes Daddy. I am now grown and as bold as you envisioned. I know you still look down on me and smile. I know you have been my guardian angel. I love you Baba. Keep smiling over there. Till we meet to part no more. ~~ Faith Nathan (your last daughter)

“Many have told me that I’ve become my father. If that’s the case,  Am sincerely honoured”. My Dad always had time for me,  and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. playing Flying Eagle atop my Dad’s legs as he lay on his back, with me “flying” above his head.  His feet on my hips, our hands entwined.  With his encouragement, I’d release my hands from his, and I’d spread my wings and “fly”.  Little did I know that would be symbolic of my Dad’s philosophy in raising me.

Eleventh year but seems like yesterday, it still feels like I’m dreaming..if I were to be granted a wish i would wish to speak and hear your voice again, how you call me “Nuhu”and tell me stories and ethics of life, no words could possibly describe how much I missed you Dad, You are forever the Legacy I’m looking up to. Live without you has been hard, but on this day especially I can’t help but think how much I wish you were here with me. Love you my Hero ~~Nuhu Nathan Jnr (your only son)

WAKE UP PARENTS! Reduce the pampering and the unnecessary help you offer your children.

Years back, poor illiterate parents produced
🔹 scientists,
🔹 accountants,
🔹 lawyers,
🔹 architects,
🔹 professors, whom I will refer to as GROUP ‘A’.

These GROUP ‘A’ Children struggled on their own after Primary 6 or secondary school education, to become notable personalities. Most of them
👉🏾walked to school barefoot
👉🏾went to farms
👉🏾fetched water and firewood
👉🏾cared for domesticated animals
👉🏾did some work including trading after school to survive.
👉🏽acquired handcraft skills such as basket weaving, broom making etc. and used the money realised to support their personal upkeep.

Now, GROUP ‘A’ ,who have become parents themselves, are producing GROUP ‘B’ Children.

These GROUP ‘B’ Children are
🔹 helped in their homework or home assignments from nursery school through secondary school to higher institution.
🔹chauffeur-driven to very expensive schools or sent abroad to study.
🔹they can watch movies from morning till dawn after school.
🔹use expensive mobile phones.
🔹Spend hours chatting on social media.
🔹 they are treated like baby kings and queens.
🔹they don’t do any household chores.
🔹Food is put on the table for them,
🔹their plates are removed and washed by parents or housemaids.
🔹They are given expensive cars and clothes,
🔹not forgetting big pocket money to squander !
🔹Some parents look for ‘special centres’ for their children to re-register for the SSSE or NECO that they failed in previous attempts to enhance their chances through exam malpractices 😳
🔹In spite of all these, only few can speak or write correctly. 😏

🤔GROUP ‘A’ Parents cared for their own parents and children, while GROUP ‘B’,their children are still struggling to find their feet at age 30+!
🤔They find it difficult to do things on their own because they are used to being helped to think and doing things by GROUP ‘A’. So they can’t help themselves, their parents or the society. THEY ABANDON THEIR PARENTS IN THEIR BID TO ACQUIRE THE WORLD.

Where do you belong❓🤔

🏮Reduce the pampering and the unnecessary help you offer your children.

🏮 Let your children grow in wisdom, intelligence and strength.

🏮Let them face the truth and the realities of life. Teach them to grow to become independent adults.

Teach them to
👉🏾fear God,
👉🏾respect others and
👉🏾develop confidence in themselves.

🤔Parents, discipline your children to become disciplined adults, useful and not useless.

Share with all your dear ones & make a difference in their lives… 😊👍🏾👍🏾.

By: Surv. Adeniyi Gbenga.

The Longest Distance To Success Is a Shortcut.

“Shortcut” they said “is the sweetest companion to travel the road to success”. Yet she has been the most dangerous of them all.

She placed roadblocks here and there, darkness so thick that you can feel in fear, yet she signaled a little light that looks like the end of the tunnel. Only to get there and discovered there’s another bend.

Shortcut is a smooth talker,She reaches out for your hand and tries to make you her everlasting companion. she’ll persuade you with her juicy offers, promising you success she only imagined and lure you to “cut-corners” . She slows your journey and entice you with temporary achievements that “looks like it”.

Shortcut is a deliberate mirage. A time waster and a reward for the lazy and the slugged.

Be wise! Do not travel her path. Nobody attains success by mistake. For the longest path to success is a shortcut.