What I ordered Vs What I got

A colleague of mine introduced me to a lady who sells clothes online. She showed me pictures of clothes on her phone from the lady’s Whatsapp business page. (Beautiful clothes with shikini money) I got interested and asked to see more. Without hesitation, my colleague got me added to the group chat. In no time, my phone gallery was flooded. Tons of photos poured in my gallery like there’s no tomorrow. There were the latest designs of clothes, shoes, and bags. (She deals with ladies wears only)

I was having a hard time finding something nice for myself. I monitored that page for about a week before I finally made a choice. I picked interest in a nice jumpsuit. I sent a private sms to the seller. We settled on the price, she sent her account number and I did transfer. Minutes later, she sent a confirmatory message upon receipt. She assured me that my item will be ready by the weekend.

The weekend came and left. Three weeks later, madam vendor sent me a message that my size is not available! I was like… My size no dey market again?🤔 It was kinda suspicious. Madam vendor said I should please choose another item. When I hesitated, she offered to refund me just to clear my doubts. I reluctantly agreed to give her a second chance.

I told my colleague(the one that introduced me to the vendor) about the situation at hand, she was disappointed but encouraged me to give her a second chance with I did. I saw this simple office gown on the group page. I sent her a DM. She responded immediately, stating that the dress goes for #1500 Naira more than the initial one. I was to add just #1500 naira to get it. I was firm this time around. I asked if she was sure my size was available and, I also wanted a dark red color. She assured me that it will be just fine, that I have nothing to worry about. And it will be ready for pickup in about week’s time.

This was the second order.😘😘

This second order took two more weeks. She blamed it on other customers who didn’t pay their money on time. Well, I was patient. When the item finally arrives, I was so excited. At least my long-awaited “golden dress” is ready for pickup. Meanwhile, Madam vendor lives about 15 minutes drive from my house.

Boom! 💥💥💥 my fears happened! What I got was a mirage to what I ordered 😭😭.

This is what I got😭😭😭

I sent the item back I requested for my refund. Madam vendor said I should wait for her to resell the clothe before I get my money back. This is almost three weeks now. Still waiting for her to sell and PAY ME MY MONEY! 😠😠😠

Please in situations like this, what do I do? Am feeling really heartbroken 💔💔💔

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