10 Rules for Gospel Music Ministers.

1: Dear soloist, when there’s a program in your church, don’t rush to the salon to fix eyelashes, nails, and hair. Rush to your secret place and fix yourself Spiritually. Seek for God’s presence in that program.

People have issues they believe God to settle for them in that program. Nobody leaves his house to come to watch facial makeup and dresses

2: Dear music ministers, stop moving from one church to another hunting for platforms. Locate your place and be deeply rooted there. Be loyal and committed as well.

The People you’re aspiring to be like are deeply committed to somewhere and someone. It will surprise you to know many of them still sing in the choir.

3: Dear music ministers, your soul is very much important to God more than the services you render to Him. Don’t be too busy for God that you forget your personal dealings with Him.

4: Dear music ministers, it is said that “Grace is a lifter”. Sure, it is. But don’t sit or lie down waiting for grace. Play your role as you wait on God. “Faith without work is dead”.

5: Dear upcoming music ministers, partner with Grace. People are already where you want to be. It is not wrong to go for people you like if you can. Leverage on the grace to make it easy for you. Pray and ask God to show you your “Moses”

6: Dear music ministers, competition will put you under pressure. It makes you hate those you should learn from. Don’t give Competition a small space in your house much more a room.

7: Dear upcoming artists, stop hunting for bigger platforms to minister. Start with your local church. You don’t jump tall, you grow tall.

8:Dear music ministers, if you stay away from the noise, Heaven will upload heavenly songs into you.

9: Dear music ministers, no platform is small. Maximize every platform irrespective of how small you think it is.

10:Dear music directors/ Choir leaders, no church service is inferior or superior to the other. God move anytime, any day, and anywhere He chooses.

Don’t allow your weekly services to look dull and casual by poor ministrations. Your best hands can also minister during weekly activities. It will even make the amateur singers brace up.

11:Dear music ministers, the way you handle the little given to you determines how much more that will be given to you. Don’t bother becoming a great minister if you’re not faithful in your local church choir now.

U celebrate you all!

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