If you have these symptoms, then you are about about to lose your mind.

A MAD MAN was standing near a chemist shop when MUSA walked in and was complaining to the CHMIST MAN saying; ‘Doctor! My head is aching me seriously for 2days now. Immediately, the MAD-MAN entered and Said ‘I KNOW HOW U FEEL.’ MUSA was astonished. The MAD-MAN said; ‘Sometimes it will be as if ten men are playing Army Drum on Ur HEAD?

MUSA: Yes THAT’S true! MAD-MAN: ‘…And it will be as if Ur HEAD wants to fall down? MUSA: YES!! U ARE RIGHT. MAD-MAN: ‘…And U will be seeing tins double? MUSA: YES! YES!!.. U’re correct. MAD-MAN: ‘…And sometimes U wil be SEEING tins in a negative way? MUSA: MY GOD! Datz so true MAD MAN: ‘Wen U see Fire it wil turn To RIVER and If U see waste-bin it will Turn To paradise in Ur Eyes? MUSA: JESUS!…That is a BIG TRUTH! But how come U know all these? MAD-MAN: That’s how mine started………

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