The Longest Distance To Success Is a Shortcut.

“Shortcut,” they said, “is the sweetest companion to travel the road to success”. Yet she has been the most dangerous of them all.

She placed roadblocks here and there, darkness so thick that you can feel in fear, yet she signaled a little light that looks like the end of the tunnel. Only to get there and discovered there’s another bend.

A shortcut is a smooth talker, She reaches out for your hand and tries to make you her everlasting companion. she’ll persuade you with her juicy offers, promising you success she only imagined and lure you to “cut-corners“. She slows your journey and entices you with temporary achievements that “looks like it”.

A Shortcut is a deliberate mirage. A time waster and a reward for the lazy and the slugged.

Be wise! Do not travel her path. Nobody attains success by mistake. For the longest path to success is a shortcut.

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