Tenant Allegedly Stabbed Landlord’s Son to Death Over Mango In Jos.

The man as seen in the picture above has been declared wanted by the Plateau state police.

Tragedy strucked on the 29th May 2020 in Millionaires Quarters, Jos, Plateau state, as a tenant stabbed his Landlord’s son to death over plucking of mangoes.

The incident, which happened in the afternoon, threw the community into shock and mourning. According to the victim’s sister, Hanifa Peters, who said that the accused who was identified as Mr Moses Davou (Neakname Babayo/Bayo), has been living in the compound for many years, for that reason, he no longer pays his rent because he was like a family to them. She further stated, that the incident occurred when Bayo (the accused), was plucking mangoes and it fell on the Mr. Francis’s (the deceased) roof. Francis of his room and pleaded with Bayo not to drop Mangoes on his roof again and went back into his room. But Bayo was not apologetic.

Minutes later, everyone thought they two have settled, but the accused went into his room, hid a knife under his cloth, then went straight to Mr Francis’s room, stabbed him in the chest and flee. But before the incident, Bayo promised to kill Francis, she added. However, Francis was immediately rushed to the hospital, but died on the way.

Meanwhile, police have declared Bayo wanted because since he committed the act, he has been on the run and no where to be found. The Police have asked for any traces of him to be reported immediately to any nearest station.

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