10 Commandments For Single Ladies: Getting Mr Right Smartly!

A lot of single ladies are finding it really challenging to get and keep the “man of my dreams“. It is important to note that what ever u are looking out for should be a reflection of what you already are. Below are some tips that will make you stand out and attract that one man that was made just for you alone.

1. Practice self-love not selfish: improve on yourself, encourage yourself, set goals for yourself and celebrate yourself! If you don’t love yourself first, who will? Pamper yourself, appreciate your uniqueness, your strength and physique. Pray for yourself and educate yourself. Eat healthy foods/diets and exercise regularly. Build a good body and soul.

2. Do not entertain unknown callers, especially at night: some people are time wasters. Why should he call you only at night? Why won’t he tell you how he got your mobile number?.. Don’t give room to strangers who are unwilling to discolse their identity to you. It may be a trap.You have precious things to do with your time. Be careful.

3. Do not take alcohol: it has killed many and you are not an exception. Avoid anything intoxicating, many ladies have lost their dignity, virginity and their lives!

4. Do not marry for the money: “Poverty is a disease” they say, and no one wants to get “sick”. But that’s not a yardstick to jump into a relationship with him becasue he is rich. You may end up being one of his possessions… And you know what that implies.

5. Do not be loud: always struggling to be heard, trying to prove a point, winning arguments at all cost. That’s not for you my dear. Wisdom is proven by the calmness of the mind.

6. Do not depend on a man for your support: especially your crush 😉.. Be industrious, work smartly. Don’t be idle, get busy. Remember ” half bread is better than puff puff” .

7. Do not “dress to kill”: you don’t want to marry a dead man, do you? So why must you dress to kill him? Be modest in your dressing, clean and neat. Practice personal hygiene. Don’t always go with “trends” but with your shape, style, complexion etc. Be unique, be smart. Looking good does not mean being expensive!

8. Get to know a little about everything: Knowledge is ” power”. Get to ”know God”. Study your bible (holy books). Be devouted. Don’t be a boring partner. Find out what your man (or man to be) likes and get a little knowledge about it. Whether Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Fashion, Religion, Culture, Food etc. Make yourself current.

9. Do not be in a hurry to leave your parent’s house: If you are not buoyant enough, please remain in your father’s house! With that, you will not rely or depend on a man for your every need. You are not to pay his dowry after all, or SHOULD A WOMAN PROPOSE?

10. Lastly, like and follow EniGreatman Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/101343251579451 Or wamlarah.com. Stay updated for more coming your way. One Love.

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