I feel alone as an Orphan only because the rest of you have a family.

Photo of an orphan

“It feels VERY ALONE (but you do not have to choose to be lonely) to be an orphan. Orphans are COMPLETELY different than the rest of society who have been raised epigenetically with family nurture. … I FEEL ALONE as an orphan, only because the rest of you have family.”

Who is an orphan?

An orphan is someone who has lost both parents. Usually, we think of sad little children when we think of orphans, but anyone whose parents have both died is an orphan. The linguistic definition of “orphan” applies to a child. So technically, a person over 18 can’t be an orphan. But in real life, we apply the term to anyone whose parents are dead.

An orphan’s Abode

A home for orphans is no substitute for a house with loving parents, even if they’re adopted. Bambi, Annie, and Oliver Twist are probably the most famous orphans. Each lost their parents in different ways, but all of them had their lives similarly changed—they felt adrift without a parent to guide them. Orphans often spend lots of time looking for friends or surrogates to fill the gap left by their deceased parents.

While almost all children in an orphanage have experienced neglect, if only due to poor adult to child ratios, others experience more severe forms. This neglect can result in extreme malnourishment, extremely low muscle tone, and extremely delayed development… Children will soon forget your presents. They will always remember your presence. There is sanctity involved with bringing a child into this world.

Share your meal! Feed a hungry child for just one day! Visist an Orphanage today. Give a piece of yourself out today.

You can send your donations to Builders Orphanage Home, N0 1 Builders street, along Port Harcourt international airport, Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. Account details: Rose Phillips, First bank 2008008817

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