No marriage succeeds accidentally! There is always a price to pay! One of such prices is PRAYER! This article highlights THE EFFICACY OF COUPLE’S PRAYER.

  1. It is always difficult to hold the hands of someone you are not happy with in prayers.
  2. The power of praying together is hidden from many couples.
  3. Prayers can solve any problem, it can bring down any mountain in marriage.
  4. The couples that stay connected in prayers live happier and healthier.
  5. Never joke with prayers in your marriage!
  6. There are types of prayer:
    a. Personal prayer
    b. Congregational prayer.
    c. Family prayer
    d. couples’ prayer etc.
  7. Family prayer is different from couples’ prayer. So many marriages observe family prayer but neglect couples’ prayer.
  8. Couples’ prayer involves only the husband and the wife. Don’t assume family prayer for this, please.
  9. You need to be alone with your spouse in the place of prayer, don’t be too busy for this.
  10. You have not won the battle of quarreling, nagging, unloving, lack of respect, etc because you have not been holding hands together in prayers.
  11. Put aside every resentment and join hands with him/her.
  12. Don’t wait till your spouse instigate it, make the first move by calling on him/her for prayers.
  13. End every argument in prayers. Prayer has enough power to melt away hurt. Any time you are seriously furious or hurt, tell your spouse to pray together.
  14. Couples prayers is a serious prayer but it can be spiced with some activities to foster the bond, for examples:
    a. Hold hands together
    b. Join hands together and walk around
    c. You can pray by standing chest to chest.
    d. Hold each other tightly.
    e. Placing hands on each other’s shoulders.
  15. Don’t be too rigid when you are together with your spouse in prayer, you are husband and wife, you can be in any form to pray.
  16. Don’t always stay afar from each other during couples’ prayer.
  17. The secret of a couple’s prayer is, be willing and ready to pray with him/her regardless of the heaviness of your heart.
  18. Love and respect for each other is the outcome of couples’ prayer.
  19. When we pray together as couples, we will have emotional security and confidence in each other.
  20. I will encourage young couples to grow together in prayers. Difficult issues of life and marriage can be solved through a couple’s prayer.
  21. Also, my admonition goes to “about to wed” couples, don’t be carried away with the joy of the wedding, start the couple’s prayer right from the night of your wedding and maintain it.
  22. Make use of this lockdown/restrictions to strengthen the prayer life between you and your spouse.

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