Prophetess Rose Morgan: I will never forget the year 2000!

Prophetess Rose Morgan made public her experiences in the year 2000. She highlights the tremendous supernatural turnarounds that have transformed her life for the best.

DIVINE HUSBAND. My Name is Rose Morgan Nkai. I Am A Great Prophetess of Jehovah God. Every Good thing in Life Happened to me in the year 2000! I Graduated in January 2000, I meet my husband in January 2000, I got Pregnant in February Year 2000. I went for youth Service in March 2000. I did my Traditional marriage on my Birthday Month April 2000. I did my Wedding in September 2000. I Put to Birth in November 2000. Now Am 41 years Old I have Three big boys and A beautiful Daughter my last baby is 11 Years Old. ( Pastor Victor)! I Prophecy to you Today Under The Sound of My Voice.”

This Year 2020 Shall produce every Good thing to your Live. you shall Testify. Instantly everything you have lost over the years past shall be recovered back to you this year 2020!
Your Divine Husband shall locate you this 2020
Your Divine Helpers Shall have sleepless nights until they locate you and Bless you”

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