Celebrating An Icon!

Alh Dr Chief Sulaimon Adeshina Raji (Jafo), The State Chairman of NNAMORAL Lagos state Branch.

A very resourceful, dedicated and resilient man! A born Leader and very disciplined. He brought this virtue ( discipline) into the organization, and transformed the lives of many. He Introduced a lot of investment opportunities to members, which enabled most of them built houses of their own through our cooperative investment engineered by our Honorable Chairman!

He has increased the financial base of the organization and expands our scope of operations in Lagos state.

Through the investment platform introduced by the state Chairman, many branch chairmen became car owners.

Others have established various businesses aside our organization.

Alh Dr Chief Sulaimon Adeshina Raji has played various roles in the lives of many;

A mentor and a role model.

A finger that feeds many.

A goal getter, a philanthropist!

The list of his achi are unending!

Today being 05/05. Is a remarkable day in your life. May the Almighty grant you long life, good health and Prosperity. May you always have course to celebrate the good things of life.


Courtesy: Lagos state Secretary, NNAMORAL

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