Great Testimony!

Prophetess Rose Morgan Nkai ( aka the prayer machine) shared the testimony of what the Lord has done in the lives of many! Below is one of such.

“For Reasons best known to ME! Lots of Testimonies floods my inbox on daily basis but this one excites me so much. He just became my friend on Facebook not up to one Week. He has never chatted me on messenger because he came for serious prayers to bring himself out from bondage. He didn’t look at my beauty and get lured BUT he just believed in my ministry he just have faith in the oil on my head. His yoke of suffering is just broken he didn’t come here to see a fault in me to call me Names! He just receive his testimony!

“Under the sound of my voice As you share this testimony Your yoke is broken Tonight by firešŸ”„ The yoke of working like an Elephant and eating like an ant is lifted off your shoulders Jesus Christ Name! Divine helpers are locating you right now in the mighty name of Jesus christ! Amen and Amen.”

To connect with Prophetess RMK, click the link below. God bless you!

Published by Eni Greatman

Creative and enthusiastic writer

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